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5 Top Tips - Storing a Vintage Tractor Over Winter

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

British winters are renowned for being cold and damp and this can be bad news for our vintage tractors. Not everyone has the luxury of a well ventilated workshop, so here are our 'Top Tips' for keeping your treasured tractor at its best over the winter months ahead.

There are several things we can do to reduce the effects of winter storage of classic tractors and here are our ‘Top 5 Tips’.


Every tractor stored at Tamar Vintage Tractors is topped up with anti-freeze during the winter months. This simple task will give you peace of mind should the temperature drop.


It is good practice to check the battery level intermittently, or even remove the battery entirely if left in long-term storage. If a battery is left unused for an extended period, then it’s important to disconnect the earth lead to prevent parasitic loads which can lead to sulphation.

If a battery is left to deplete its charge entirely the performance will be seriously reduced when you go to put the tractor to work in Spring. Starting the tractor intermittently will help, however it may be worth investing in a solar trickle charger which works sufficiently year-round to keep the charge topped-up.


Surely a condensation free garage is on every tractor owners wish list, but that’s not always possible. If you are storing your tractor under cover, ensure adequate ventilation to reduce the effects of a damp environment.

If you’re storing your tractor outside, fitted covers are available to offer some protection from the elements although we would recommend removing the cover intermittently on a sunny day, to reduce a build-up of condensation.


An accumulation of oil and grease can be particularly damaging to rubber parts, causing them to become brittle, so a little time spent cleaning these areas before storage would be time well spent.

WD40 is also a great product for repelling water, we use this fairly liberally over electrical areas, distributors and spark plug leads as well as a good spray over the paintwork!


Who needs an excuse to take a tractor out on a crisp winters day?!

Nothing can beat regular use of our old treasures, so if you are able to, crank it over and take it for a spin. Yes, it will reduce the risk of the tractor ceasing up, but from personal experience, you will also be guaranteed to return with a smile on your face!

Join the conversation. We’d love to hear your tips for long-term storage. We'd love to hear your comments below.

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