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Vintage Tractor Restoration Project - Part 1

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Ferguson Grey/Gold - Cylinder Rebuild - Removal of Bodywork Panels

I often reference the fact that TVT began as a hobby and whilst the dark evenings begin to draw in rapidly, I find it is time to pull forward a winter project!

I'm sure many of our readers have that project at the back of their workshop that just doesn't take priority, so last week we took the decision to 'pull forward' our little Grey/Gold Fergie that has been on the 'to do' list for a few years now. She is now parked conveniently at the front of my workshop and it's surprising what can be achieved with a few minutes stolen here and there. I'll be sharing my progress with you on my Blog page (even more of an incentive to get the job done!)

The Ferguson FE35 was in production from 1956 until 1957 and was painted in a distinctive contrast of grey tinwork with gold wheels and castings. During 1957, manufacture continued under the Massey Ferguson badge where the livery was changed to the familiar red and grey.

The diesel powered tractors where fitted with a Standard 23C engine, which was notoriously difficult to start, so I will be sending away the cylinder heads to have 4 glow plugs fitted to aid starting. The engine also requires a full rebuild.

The panels have already been stripped and sent to a sandblasting facility at Roger Young, Saltash where they will also be painted in the classic Fergie grey.

We hope to have more updates for you shortly!

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