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John Deere 820 Black Dash - Classic Tractor Collection

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Happy New Year from all of us at Tamar Vintage Tractors!

It’s somehow incomprehensible that we have entered the year 2022, it sounds almost futuristic, yet here we are commencing another year of trading as Tamar Vintage Tractors.

2021 proved to be a hugely successful year for the business, we even produced a short YouTube video showcasing some of our highlights which we think is well worth a watch. (Follow the link below).

I am so excited to keep growing the business this year, but admittedly one of my personal highlights is meeting fellow enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and experiences of this rich and diverse subject of vintage tractors.

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

On that note, we would like to introduce the latest addition to our personal collection - the John Deere 820 Black Dash.

Why have we chosen the Black Dash?

Built in Waterloo, Iowa in the USA, the John Deere 820 Black Dash was produced for a relatively short period of time and is rarely seen in the UK.

This tractor benefits from power steering, making it relatively easy to drive and the 75hp engine means the Black Dash has enough power to pull a 6-furrow plough.

Overall, it’s a really interesting piece of John Deere history which sits well beside the John Deere Model R already in our collection.

A bit more about the 820 Series…

The John Deere 820 series was produced between 1956 – 1958, with a total of 7,080 tractors built over this period.

The original model was appropriately named the Green Dash, before it was replaced by the Black Dash in 1957 for the 1958 production year. This new and enhanced 820 boasted several modifications.

· Increased horsepower

· 6-speed gearbox with 1 reverse gear

Our serial plate allows us to identify our tractor as a 1958 built Black Dash.

Interestingly, this tractor runs on a 2-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine but is started by a 4-cylinder petrol donkey engine.

It has live hydraulic take-off for lifting trailed implements, such as a plough with a hydraulic depth wheel or cultivator.

What do you have planned for the Black Dash?

We are passionate about keeping these classic tractors in their working clothes as it’s part of the story they tell. However, there is the rare occasion when a tractor goes past its best and on this occasion, we will be looking to restore her. A professional resprayed will be needed, to do her justice and bring this unique piece of history back to life.

In time we hope to put the horsepower to the test – it would be great to see the Black Dash back out in the field, working as it was designed to do!

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive? Take a look...!

- END -

More content can be found on our YouTube channel. Why not head over and take a look!

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