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John Deere M - Classic Tractor Collection

This very special John Deere Model M with some remarkable history.

The John Deere Model M was a 2-cylinder row-crop tractor produced between 1947 to 1952 in Iowa, USA. The M had been in development for several years prior to its release in 1947, when it replaced the H, L and LA models. Three additional variants of the M were introduced over time: the MT Tricycle, MC Crawler and the MI Industrial model.

The M was the first John Deere to be fitted with a 2-cylinder, straight petrol, upright engine rather than the original horizontal fitment. It was also the first model to benefit from John Deeres very own Touch-O-Matic hydraulic lift system, which was the forerunner to the standardised 3-point linkage commonly seen today. This hydraulic lift system was unique to John Deere who made their own implements to suit, before deciding to follow suit with the more commonly used 3-point linkage system.

This older restoration has retained its original buff logbook which details a registration date of April 1959, even more remarkably, it was registered to renowned author and historian Donald Macmillan.

Donald Macmillan was widely recognised as the world’s foremost authority on the history of the John Deere company. He was appointed as the first UK dealer in 1958 and whilst growing his thriving business he also found the time to pen many books on the subject of John Deere models and history.

In 1981, Pearsons Auctioneers held a sale of over 30 tractors on behalf of Don Macmillan. The catalogue (pictured below) features this very Model M, Serial number 14021.

We have owned this tractor for several years, during this time it has been stored undercover. It has been fully serviced and fitted with 12V electrics. This is a special piece of history and deserves to be enjoyed, either within a private collection or on the rally field.

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