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The Model T - Americas Iconic Veteran Car

The Model T is an iconic vehicle which won the affections of millions of Americans for its affordability and reliability. This was one of the first mass produced vehicles which allowed Henry Ford to achieve his aim of manufacturing the universal car.

This 1926, Canadian built Ford T is a 1-Tonne Truck version. The patina of the truck records some intriguing history, including several bullet holes! It is in remarkable condition for its advancing years and has a charming presence,

This truck was imported from Canada in 2020. Throughout our ownership we have rebuilt the rear brakes and seals, sympathetically repaired the rear body, fitted new bands to the gearbox, epoxy sealed the fuel tank and fitted new spark plugs and leads. It was our intention to fully restore and paint the bodywork, but the patina of this vehicle tells such a story, it felt only right to preserve this vehicle as it stands today.

The truck starts, runs, and drives, but you wouldn't expect to jump in and drive to London!!

Being a later Model T, it also features electric start.

This dear little truck has much character and due to other commitments, it’s time to find a new custodian to take care of this 97-year-old vehicle!

The vehicle comes with an American Title and Nova Certification to enable UK registration.

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