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Vintage Tractor Restoration - Part 3

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Engine Block Refit - Cylinder Head Adjustment - New Pistons - Flywheel - Clutch

Welcome to the latest instalment of our restoration project where we are bringing a stunning Grey/Gold Ferguson back to its former glory.

We are trying to share as much of the progress as possible in the hope that it might help those of you who have similar projects of your own. For anyone who has experience of owning a classic tractor you will be well aware of certain 'quirks' between models and there is a great on-line community ready to assist, I think this sharing of knowledge is a vital resource to keep the old classics working which is why I am always happy to share my experiences and contribute where I can!

As many of us seem to have a little extra time on our hands of late (!) this project has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last few days.

The engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft have all been sent away to Yeo & Smith, Plymouth for machining work. They are experts in reconditioning and precision engineering and I have trusted them with many of my previous projects. They carried out the following:

  • The crank measured fine and was given a good wash and polish.

  • The engine block was given a thorough clean, new liners were fitted and machined to the correct height.

  • On inspection, the cylinder head appeared badly warped. This was machined to bring it back to the correct specification.

  • A 20thou was then machined off to increase compression and aid-starting.

Once the missing pieces where collected from Yeo & Smith, preparations could be made to reassemble to engine.

Firstly, all oil-ways were blown out and the crankshaft could then be installed.

New pistons and rings were then fitted to the con-rods, these piston and con-rods were then installed into the engine block.

Unfortunately, having fitted all 4 pistons I realised that they were 180degrees out (some late night confusion!) Luckily I was able to drop the big-ends off and turn the liner and piston assembly in the block!

The next step was to fit the oil pick up pipe and the sump, allowing the engine to be stood upright.

The cylinder head, flywheel and clutch were then fitted.

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