Vintage Working Day Preparation

Traditional Corn Cutting using a Binder

Preparation is underway for our Working Weekend on 11th - 12th September.

The Edwards family arrived in force to take the rest of our corn off. It was then stacked, ready to go through the threshing box next month. It was great to see the next generation getting 'hands-on' too!

If you are planning to attend our working day please get in touch so we can save you a space - we would hate to have to turn anyone away!

This video demonstrates the use of a Traditional Binder powered by a Nuffield Universal tractor, which was used to complete the harvest of 2021 in Tavistock, Devon.

If the sheaves had been damp they would have been placed in 'stooks' in the field before being stored away. However after a period of warm weather, these sheaves were able to be thrown up onto the trailer to be put into storage for our Working Weekend, where there will be a threshing demonstration, courtesy of Fran Mudge and his team.

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