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1942 FORD 2N - Classic Tractor Collection

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

There are some tractors we come across at Tamar Vintage Tractors, which we just can't seem to part with. That could be due to the rarity of the model, the originality of the tractor or it could just come with a really good 'back story'!

This 1942 Ford 2N has earned a place in our collection due to its originality and the fact that it played an important role in the wartime efforts. This classic tractor was purchased by Tamar Vintage Tractors in 2019 from a seller in Okehampton. Although very little is known about the life of this particular tractor, there is still a lot to be learnt about this model due to its period of production during an important stage in history.

The Ford 2N was named so, as it was produced in 1942. This is why, confusingly, there is a 9N which was manufactured in 1939 and an 8N, produced in 1948.

The 2N was introduced just as the United States entered WWII. So whilst there weren't any significant improvements made from the 9N, noticeable differences would have been due to the wartime restrictions on certain materials.

As a historical tractor, its main significance is that the 2N features the Ferguson System three-point hitch which was hugely instrumental in making the N-series such popular tractors. This was the last tractor to honour Ford's agreement with Irish inventor Harry Ferguson before they parted ways.

The Ford 2N was also available to farmers as part of the lend-lease system, by which the United States aided its World War II allies with war materials such as ammunition, food and other raw materials. This included certain tractors to assist with food production.

This tractor was bought as a non-runner but was soon brought back to life. The distributor required re-timing, the carb and vaporiser were cleaned and the hydraulics where fixed as they were failing to lift.

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