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John Deere Model R - Classic Tractor Collection

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Welcome to the latest instalment from Tamar Vintage Tractors as we present a few of our favourite tractors from our collection.

This week we are featuring a very well presented John Deere Model R. This classic John Deere was purchased by Matt Young in 2019 from West Devon, although very little is known about its working life.

The John Deere Model R changed the face of John Deere tractors. It was larger and more powerful than any of its predecessors and was the first diesel tractor produced by the company. Following years of developing technology the Model R was released in 1949 and was produced for five years; we believe our tractor was manufactured in1951.

This revolutionary John Deere provided farmers with more power than ever before with the use of two engines. The two-cylinder petrol-fired starter engine worked alongside the diesel engine which allowed operators to start the engine with a pull of the lever as opposed to manually turning the flywheel. This feature also allowed the engine to heat up quickly in cold temperatures.

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