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Classic Tractor Collection - Rumely 6A Feature

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Matt Young of Tamar Vintage Tractors is delighted to present this 1931 Rumely 6A.

The 6A was the last Rumely model ever made before Allis Chalmers took over the company. The remaining 6A models were assembled by Allis-Chalmers themselves, throughout 1931.

The Rumely 6A has a unique six-cylinder engine which was built by Waukesha to Advanced-Rumely’s specifications with a three-speed sliding gear transmission.

Matt stumbled across this tractor locally, in West Devon and it is believed to be one of just five remaining in the UK. It was purchased as a non-runner but with a few small repairs it soon came back to life. The magneto has been reconditioned, the fuel tank repaired, and it has been given a complete full service.

This stunning old tractor has been sympathetically restored to collector’s specification with the ‘Model 6A’ in dark green with red letters. Double red pinstripes adorn each fender and triangular decals display the model name.

The Rumely 6A is a rather sought-after model, with its unique features and low-production numbers - it certainly takes pride of place in Matt Youngs growing collection - alongside its predecessor the 1927 Rumely Oil-Pull Model X.

When asked why he is drawn to the Rumely tractors, Matt says “I love the raw power of the Rumely, the 6 cylinder engine is pressure lubricated and sounds fantastic! This tractor really showed advanced technology for its time”.

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